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Making a good first impression on customers is crucial for any business. It can make or break a business deal. Your customers or clients form an opinion on your professionalism based on the way the business premises look, smell, and feel. Our cleaners can help to keep your business premises clean, fresh, and presentable at all times, so that you do not have to worry about customers judging you negatively.


Maintaining a clean and tidy environment is part of providing a professional service to customers. If you can keep your working environment clean and tidy, then customers will get the impression that your entire business is just as organized. A dirty or cluttered space will cause them to form the opposite impression.


Our reliable office cleaning services offered by Gift4mum Cleaning ACT allow you to create your own cleaning schedule. You can have your office cleaned outside of your business’s opening hours. Customers will notice that your office is always beautifully clean, but will never be disturbed by professional office cleaners if you choose this kind of schedule.

If you choose cleaning within business hours, our speed-cleaning experts with perform the job quickly, efficiently, and working around your schedule to ensure minimum disruption to your workflow.

You can choose a plan that provides exactly the amount of cleaning that you need for your office or retail space, no matter what type of business you run and how large or small your business premises.

Whether it’s a one-off job or regular office cleaning, we provide cost-effective cleaning services that will help you maintain a pleasant and healthy environment that employees and your clients will enjoy.



At beginning: Check handbook for any requests (if applicable)

Office and reception area:


Where applicable:

  • Hoover landing areas and staircases



  • Wash and disinfect floors (incl behind the door)

  • Scour and clean toilet bowls and sinks (incl taps) with appropriate materials

  • Sanitise and clean toilet seats, cisterns and exterior of toilet bowl

  • Replenish toilet roll (customer to supply unless otherwise agreed)

  • Refill soap dispensers (customer to supply unless otherwise agreed)

  • Wipe clean any mirrors.


Kitchen area:

  • Clean exterior and interior of microwave oven (if applicable)

  • Wash up and clear sink and draining board

  • Refill kitchen towels, hand wash and washing up liquid as required (customer to supply unless otherwise agreed)

  • Empty bins and replace bin bags (customer to supply unless otherwise agreed)

  • Wipe exterior of kitchen appliances (kettle, toaster etc)

  • Hoover and mop floors

Office Cleaning Daily Tasks


Our friendly team has 4+ years combined professional cleaning experience, and all of our team members undergo a detailed training program of office cleaning services associated green cleaning. It is important to us that our customers receive the best possible service, so maintaining our standards requires us to establish an optimised working. We specialise in creating a customised cleaning schedule that meets our client’s business needs. To ensure our client’s satisfaction, we always check our checklist for all cleaning services before the job is completed.

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