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Our clients are busy people who are too tired to clean. Others do not have the agility to perform weekly cleaning or simply don’t like cleaning and want to spend time with their families or catching up with friends instead of keeping their house in tip-top condition.

You, too, can have all your cleaning done without lifting a finger.

Our professional cleaners will clean your whole house including bedrooms, living area, kitchen, dining, lounge, bathroom, toilet, laundry, hallway and staircase. Depending on your needs, we can include additional services or deep clean one specific area each time we perform regular cleaning.

At Gift4mom Quality Cleaning, we use toxic-free cleaning solutions that are as effective as the harsh chemicals but much safer for your family, you pets, and your guests.

We believe that we offer the best regular house cleaning in Canberra, most effective, and best value for money. Our qualified cleaners are experienced, background-checked, and can be trusted with home cleaning and other housekeeping tasks that you may require.

We offer daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly clean, and we’re flexible with our cleaning schedule, your needs and your budget.

2 bedrooms/1 bathroom

$87.00 fortnightly   

$110.00 one time


83.00 Weekly

2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms

$94.00  fortnightly

$125.00 one time


$87.00 weekly

3 bedrooms/1 bathroom

$98.00 fortnightly,   

$125.00 one time


$93.00 weekly

3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms

$106.00 fortnightly

$135.00 one time


$102.00 Weekly

4 bedrooms/2 bathrooms

$115.00  fortnightly

$152.00  one time


$110.00 weekly

5 bedrooms/3 bathrooms

$143.00 fortnightly,   

$183.00 one time


$131.00 weekly


1. The quote is applied for general house cleaning, with standard condition of your house.

2.  20% OFF for weekly house cleaning and 15% OFF for fortnightly house cleaning are calculated in the cleaning rates.

3. Add $15 for an extra bedroom/bathroom,  $6 for a toilet.

4. Two stories add $10.


Extra Services

Basic/deep clean oven


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Sat and Sun: 9.00 AM - 10.00 PM

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