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Dirt and bacteria is tracked into house and on carpets, potentially causing respiratory issues, intestinal and urinary tract infections and other diseases. Your dirty carpet can make you sick, and the health risks are even greater if you have a baby or family members with health problems.

Routine vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning will eliminate germs that you are breathing in and creates a healthier home for your family.

If you have a business, steam carpet should be a routine part of your office maintenance.

To start with, soiled carpets make a bad first impression and makes you look unprofessional.

Cleaning commercial carpets in your shop, office, or clinic is essential for the appearance of the place but also to avoid health issues among your employees or clients. People with allergies may react to airborne dust and suffer from allergy symptoms that will lower their productivity.

Vacuuming carpets and occasional spot cleaning is not enough. The vacuum cleaners usually used at home or for everyday cleaning in the workplace don’t have enough suction power to remove all dust, dirt, and mould. 

If you want your home or workplace look clean and fresh, let us help!

We use professional-grade equipment and Eco solutions that effectively clean carpets preventing carpet dirt build-up from creating health hazard. Besides, we also specialise in pet hair and stain treatment that sometimes occurs. For further instructions for removing stains on carpet, visit our cleaning blog .

Our qualified steam carpet cleaners will leave your home or office spotless and healthy, ready for your family or staff to use.

1 bedroom



3 bedrooms


4 bedrooms


5 bedrooms


6 bedrooms


7 bedrooms


8 bedrooms



$2.00/1 step


1. Please remove all furniture before our carpet cleaning team arrives.

2. You do not need to do vacuum (normally some carpet cleaning service providers will ask you to do it).

3. The price includes carpet stain removal (if possible and not much).

4. We will try our best, but we do not guarantee all stains on carpet will be removed completely.

Best carpet steam cleaners Canberra

When you contact Gift4mom Quality Cleaning, you get the best carpet steam cleaners in Canberra that are experienced with variety of using safe cleaners and deep carpet steam cleaning skills.  We utilise excellent steam cleaning equipment.


Carpet steam cleaning Canberra

Your healthiness is the our most concern. That is why our service includes only safe and green cleaning solutions and using deep carpet steam cleaning technique to ensure your family and pets safety

We know that carpet steam cleaning in Canberra is not cheap. However, we strive to offer you a reasonable cleaning quotes, which comes with the top carpet steam cleaning quality and pet hair treatment and  carpet stain removal (if possible).

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